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If you enjoy living on or visiting the Isle of Wight and wish to preserve its enjoyable character and good quality of life, you may be able to help us and we may be able to help you.


The geology and geographical circumstances have favoured the creation of an Island that is large enough to meet the needs of most residents but small enough to have a unified community. It also enjoys some of the best weather of the British Isles.


The character of the Island is basically rural with enough undulations to provide vistas of the countryside, the surrounding sea and the busy sheltered water of the Solent.


The geology, from chalk cliffs to sheltered valleys, provides a variety of soils that support a wide selection of flora and fauna


The people who have lived on the Island have left a rich heritage that supports the history of a developing community that has been industrious, involved with civil and international wars and produced some word leading engineering achievements.


The Island is a quiet backwater off the south coast of England. The major industries of ship and aircraft building of the 1900s have contracted. The Island does not feature as a major factor in the economy of the south and is an offshoot of the communications network.


However we do have a workforce producing aircraft components, radar installations, blades for wind turbines and some other involvement in alternative energy. Some people believe that the Island should feature more prominently on the world stage, especially those involved with tourism.

As with other parts of the south of England, the Island is expected to create its share of new homes in support of the southward drift of the nation's population. This brings with it the problems of creating the infrastructure to support the 550 new homes we are building every year. So there is a need for good forward planning.

With the quality of life in the cities becoming questionable as the drawbacks of congestion start to outweigh the advantages of work and amenities, some of those who are financially well off are looking for peaceful places to escape to and build. Waterfront property is always popular.


Therefore we need to have a strong plan for the future to deal with competing pressures in order to keep the character of the Island as an enjoyable place to live. If you feel the same way as we do please join us so that we may present a strong, considered voice in the discussions about where we go in the future.


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