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John Milne - Seismologist

"The Life and Work of John 'Earthquake' Milne 1850-1913"

The one hundredth anniversary of the death of Professor John Milne ‘The Father of Modern Seismology’ was commemorated on the 31 July 2013. The purpose of this web page is to bring together events and material held not only on the Isle of Wight where he lived and worked from 1895 until his death in 1913 but from elsewhere around the world to celebrate the achievements of a man who can only be described as one of the world’s most outstanding Victorian / Edwardian polymaths.

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It includes: 
Isle of Wight, National and International Events Calendar
Bibliography, Chronology, Associated Societies, Institutions and Places
Links to museums, archives, publications and related websites
The life, work and interests of John Milne 
The Shide, Isle of Wight, Earthquake Observatory
Other related material
An opportunity for feedback and to add further information


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